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protandim nrf2

Why LifeVantage™? A New Vision for Network Marketing Success!

4 Simple Facts About Protandim®

1. Protandim® is a patented, category-creating product with zero competition. It is protected by 4 distinct patents – each one documenting a specific physical enhancement the synthesis of the product’s 5 all-natural ingredients effects on every mammal.

2. This product is scientifically proven – by independent research studies—not funded by LifeVantage™, unheard-of in the field of supplements! The science behind Protandim® will change how our society ages- look up the research being conducted on Protandim® already by over 20 impressive universities – GLOBALLY. (Our website below provides details)

3. The product is something that every living mammal on the planet should be taking! Protandim® will do what it does for you for your Dog, Cat… every loved being – it’s guaranteed!! And, a pet-line is coming this spring! (Do you know someone that cares about their aging pet…?)

4. Only LifeVantage™ Independent Distributors (like me, and I highly-suggest, you too!) can share this product with others. Try it – and within days you will have your own Protandim® Success story – and will want to tell others!

Timing is now!! LifeVantage™ is a publicly traded company (LFVN) and is forecasted to grow from its current $40M to $100M in sales in 2012. People you know will start taking Protandim® in the coming months –
either they will hear about it from YOU or someone else. Join the Live Longer and Prosper team in sharing Protandim® with the world.

Veteran Network Marketers will be happy to see a simple product line – Just 2 Products that really work – not dozens to keep track of or maintain inventory!
(A pet-line will be launched in the near future.)
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The Company

LifeVantage™ is not your typical network marketing company. It appears to be a very conscious effort to take network marketing to a new level of business credibility, building in a culture of integrity that will overcome stereotypes and removing many common objections from the way of prospective distributors such as high monthly purchase requirements for qualification.

LifeVantage™ is publicly traded (LFVN). My understanding is that it is the first network marketing company ever to launch as a publicly traded company. You can choose to own stock in addition to being a distributor. The transparency of a publicly traded company helps those investing time and energy building a distributor based business know that things are above board.

The company is profitable and stable. Revenue is growing steadily in a market and economic climate that has challenged even established companies. The company officers have integrity and extensive experience in the industry. These qualities are hard to substantiate unless you too have the opportunity to interact, observe actions, and do your own research. Based on my personal observation, I can honestly say that I have a great level of trust in the leadership and as do the other distributors in our team and up line.

There is an unusual synergy between the corporate leadership and the field leadership. Roundtable style planning and brainstorming sessions are held with both in attendance and the result is a very positive climate throughout the organization. Another fine fruit of this is an extensive distributor training program created through a coordinated effort of corporate and distributor leadership.

Distributors in the field are cross-line supportive and co-operative. Even home meetings are opened routinely to any local distributor to attend with their own prospect and easily found on a distributor run national calendar. Trainings are also facilitated by leaders in other lines of sponsorship. There is a true culture of helping others succeed.

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Patented Scientifically Proven
Protandim®'s six-time patented formulation features five potent botanicals that signal the DNA in your body to increase the production of its own natural antioxidant enzymes. In simple terms, there is no other product like Protandim®. Its proprietary formulation, based on boosting antioxidant enzymes leads the market in fighting oxidative stress and aging.
Backed by Clinical Studies
Protandim® is at the center of numerous clinical studies at over 25 major universities across the country including the University of Colorado, University of Michigan, University of Florida, University of Kentucky, Louisiana State University and Ohio State University.
Read the science for yourself. Go to PubMed.gov and search the word Protandim®.
Safe • Effective • All-Natural
Protandim® is Safe, Effective and All-Natural. Protandim® is 100% Vegetarian - Free of Gluten, Wheat, Dairy Gelatin and Yeast. Protandim® is the only supplement (a Nrf2 Activator) clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by an average of 40%, slowing down the cell aging process to the level of a 20 year-old.

*As is true with any dietary supplement,
Protandim® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease
**Protandim®, TrueScience® and LifeVantage® are registered trademarks of LifeVantage Corporation.