Protandim scam – dig the facts!

May be you’ve heard of the Protandim scam buzz too… Is it a really? Let’s figure out. Recent independent research from LSU suggested that this nutritional supplement called Protandim, might actually help prevent the risk of skin cancer. Originally, Protandim was known to heal skin tumor risk, which was discovered through some laboratory tests of LSU.

That research backs early discoveries of Dr. Joe McCord who researched and instituted that Protandim signals the body cells to generate antioxidants enzymes. This results into thousands of times higher power of the antioxidant compared to any food supplement or OTC supplement. And it’s the power which helps prevent oxidative stress when people keep aging.

Oxidative stress has been clinically proven as a key contributor to cancerous risk, heart disease or diabetes. In fact, the prime source of subsequent oxidative stress stems from free radicals that reside within our cells. Those free radicals literally “latch” on normal healthy cells to destroy them, which results into oxidative stress. Till a person reaches the age of 18 or so, the body is normally able to wrestle those free radicals by using its own supply of antioxidants.

But when we age, our body gradually loses the power of producing antioxidants. Thus its aging process is triggered and this can also result in other health issues like cancer, heart disease or diabetes. That’s why we see older people undergoing these complications much more than younger people.

Some clinical studies have dismantled the notion of Protandim scam, as Protandim has already been proven to significantly slow the body’s aging process along with other disastrous health issues. The scientists behind these researches are not claiming that Protandim offers a good cure for severe health complications or diseases. What independent studies show is that Protandim comes with special nutritional values which are really promising.

And most of all, Protandim isn’t any kind of consumable antioxident. Rather, it’s a kind of phytonutrient which is especially formulated to signal the body cells to generate effective antioxidant enzymes that in tern neutralizes much higher amount of free radicals (compared to conventional consumables).

The effectiveness of Protandim has been covered in the recent researches. But regarding the Protandim scam buzz, people keep making focused queries on whether this supplement is effective against heart disease. Well, technically speaking, if it’s capable of slowing down the body’s aging process through boosting the body’s antioxidants generation levels, then it is also likely to help prevent heart disease risks too – since such complications are related to the aging process as well.