Protandim – is it ‘the real’ anti-aging solution we’ve been looking for?

The scientists have described the aging process as a direct impact of oxidative stress on your body cells. This is however caused by disparaging molecules known as free-radicals. In our young age, the body is capable of fighting thee free-radicals efficiently as it has its own abundant supply of antioxidants.

But as we grow older, the body produces much more free radicals. Additionally, it is provided with much lesser supply of antioxidants for coping with the battles against aging or diseases. And that’s where an antioxidant booster like Protandim comes in. This antioxidant supplement has supplied lots of hope in the horizon. And users find it impressive too! At least that’s what you feel looking at the Protandim testimonials on the internet.

The fact that most of the common people are unaware of is that there are many types of antioxidants and they’re different in terms of functionality and characteristics. Let’s take a look at typical antioxidant supplements like vitamins A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Since the body readily consumes them, they’re popularly known to be “consumable” Antioxidants.

And also they’re known to be used up while neutralizing free radicals on a
one-by-one basis. True, such consumable antioxidants are widely available in the food you eat in your day to day lives. And you really want to know what brings so many Protandim testimonials these days? Protandim has a reputation of destroying millions of those malicious free radicals every second.

The exclusive blend of phytonutrients is found in Protandim and this signals the body genes to generate highly specialized antioxidant enzymes called SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) and CAT (Catalase). These things work together as a system for your body’s flank against the free radicals. Such enzymes are highly “catalytic” and this means the SOD or CAT do not get used up while neutralizing the free radicals.

This means just one single caplet on a daily basis can create a cascade in the natural catalytic antioxidants of your body, which are capable of destroying millions of those free radicals every second. This goes on an ongoing basis – 24/7.

Another reason behind these Protandim testimonials is that this supplement sets realistic goals. It doesn’t claim that it’ll reverse the aging process and make people young again. And neither does it claim to keep people younger forever. Rather, it wants to let people age gracefully. Or putting it straight and simple, Protandim helps people live strong, fit and healthy as they age.